Number 16

First pictures are Number 16 – ‘Le Thread’.

The second set of pictures is  similar book of ‘papers’ I made when I was at papermakers. I made it out of the scraps of things that went wrong. Wrong they may have been in the first place but they are a treasure in my little book. As you can see it lives in its own little box house. I thought of it when I started making Le Thread. Thought you might enjoy that little book as well.

I had such fun doing Le Thread. I do think the folded piece gave me the heads up straight away, it already looked ‘bookish’.  Technically…Aaaarrgh! if I don’t learn to leave things alone when I think a piece is finished I will chop off my fingers…well…not really. I do frustrate myself though. I had finished everything then decided that the black pen I used for ‘thread’s journey’ just didn’t seem right so I picked up a purple gel pen, well. it didn’t take too well on some of the papers then it smudged. That is a part of ‘process creating’ I guess, trial and error, that was an error.  Apart from that it was an easy one and enjoyable, I like ‘thread’ having his journey and glad he got to bed to rest.

Number 17:

Oh dear, lots in this.

  • 1 x tag
  • 1 x paste paper, looks like a leaf
  • 1 x triangle shape wood
  • 1 x beautiful piece of scrunched soft pulp paper
  • 1 x Indian handmade paper, looks like leather
  • 1 x piece of muslin material which is beige not blue as in photo
  • 1 x another type of indian paper dark brown
  • 1 x the dregs of a pulp paper all stiff and curly
  • 1 x watercolour paper washed with orange
  • 1 x Paste paper, nice and blotchy
  • and last but not at all least a head of a little cat which broke from a magnet and of course I couldn’t throw it away.

That is a lot of things. Cat will have to be a feature I guess, as cats are. who knows.

Talking of cats, I was looking through a kids book of projects to do with my Grandchildren and came across this article about ‘What to do with Photos’. I thought it would be a fun thing to do at some stage. 

  Yes, I have finally finished, sorry, I do get all excited about everything in life. May all your days be long and fruitful


4 thoughts on “Number 16

  1. OK, Miss R. Rose … I am a little ‘lost’. Oh, I know it’s only 4:00 am where I am … so I’m blaming the early hour. Let me make sure I understand. These are two different projects, correct? The purple themed on is your number 16. (about the journey of the thread) .. the next teeny tiny book who lives in a box, is not in any way connected to No. 16. Am I on the right track so far? I love the journey of the thread. I’m feeling sorry for her though. The next little book is quite incredible for size etc. … and for it’s own housing! Love them both. Then there is a huge gap in your typing where something seems to be missing. I think photos might be missing, however I’m not sure about that either. You really know how to get a girls brain in gear before she’s even had her coffee. I know all will be explained tomorrow .. so I’m not going to fret. ha ha. Have a lovely day in the Land Down Unda. Was speaking with my Melbourne friends yesterday … so close and yet so far. Create your little heart out today. hugs. Donna

  2. OK, so I wasn’t that far of base was I? And you weren’t so far off base either … just a few gaps in the text confused me a little … and of course, as you mentioned, the no caffine factor. Beautiful work R. Rose. Sleep well … can’t wait to see what happens next. It’s become like a good book — where oh where will it lead. See you manana. hugs, Donna

  3. WOW! Every time makes me excited… I love paper works and also writing… This small book fascinated me. Do you know I found an address in the city that they sell handmade papers… I will go next week to this company. Thank you dear Rosemary, with my love, nia

  4. Oh, that is exciting to find a shop that sells handmade papers but it is also a bit scary. If you are not careful they will hop into your bag and all want to come home with you and then you will be like me, with a million scraps…..LOL.

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