Number 15 – Half way there

I cannot believe 15 days have gone by since I started…so far so good. I am going to visit my Sister-in-law towards the end of November. She lives in a very small country town and she doesn’t have internet, nor her friends so I could run into some problems there, I might have to put things on hold till I get back.

Step, Step, Step

This was really a ‘process’ piece in the true sense. Nothing was coming to me other than to cut some squares into the green me-teinte then the dark piece became the thread so to speak, to link through the squares. It looked rather dark and sombre so I tried outlining with a silver gel pen which didn’t do a lot. The silver hologram piece seem to want to stay as it was so it sat in the middle. This one just seemed to be a case of ‘balance’ – silver in the middle, the green squared piece with the dark links – one either side. Only chose one red dot for the moon/sun (the running theme) the little black piece definitely wanted to be a spirit or something. Again balance with the frottage down the bottom and corners of the dark piece. I think it was when I put the non-slip piece in the centre the words came:

Dark clouds over silver lining

Step – Step – Step.

Red Sun

shadows creep

Step – Step – Step.

That was it, nothing more. Looking at it now as I talk about it, still saying the same thing. Whilst it is simple in its look, it is interesting that the words themselves give it weight and meaning. What do you think?

Number 16

Number 16 scraps

This is another of Michael’s some pieces are mysteriously missing again. I just opened the packet, and the feather, little wooden piece and the dark purple piece with the bronze on it – gone to ? Never mind, it is fun when he wants to participate, I shall do without them.


I get so inspired by Niasunset’s photography so much that I just had to have a quick little try today, playing around with bits and pieces, not great, but a start maybe.

An attempt

They are two tiny statues I have, well I cut one’s head off didn’t I…oops. Loaded it up and played a little then thought of the caption.


I love picking up a little book I have. It is called “The Word Museum” Author Jeffrey Kacirk – On the front of the book it says ‘The most remarkable English Words ever forgotten’.  (I think I have spoken about this somewhere way back in my blog). If you love words it is a funny good book. Thank heavens we have lost some of the words and their meanings but I do like this one: I am quite busy tomorrow so I will be ‘frooncing’ –

Froonce:       To go about in an active, bustling manner. – Yorshire (J.Wright).

Which of course brings me to the wonderful Lewis Carroll  and his famous ‘Jabberwocky‘. Jeffrey quotes it in the beginning of his book saying that this book is dedicated to Lewis Carroll, who was inspired by antiquated English to imagine words.

‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves

Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:

All mimsy were the borogroves,

And the mome raths outgrabe.

Oh how the automatic ‘spell check’ on the computer has fun (or nightmare) with those words…red underline, red underline, red underline….LOL>

Cheers everyone.




4 thoughts on “Number 15 – Half way there

  1. Yes, it is amazing where 15 days have gone … and you were concerned you couldn’t do it. Your sister must be in the outback not to have internet. I’m not sure I could live without mine anymore. I feel like your piece this morning is quite mysterious to me. Interesting how some speak to us and others are quite aloof. Tomorrow will be interesting again. So have a lovely day … thanks for dropping into my blog. Take care. xxDonna

    • Hi Donna, My Sister-in-law doesn’t live in the outback but it is a tiny town in NSW. I feel like my arms and legs are cut off without my computer. I take it with me just to feel better…LOL. There isn’t even a cafe with free wi-fi, tragic.

      It is funny how some works just do not have much, if anything to say, that is the magic of creating isn’t it. love r.rose

  2. Wonderful. I loved this apartment and the curtains… You did great again. I can’t believe too, it’s been 15 days…. Have a nice and enjoyable journey and time with your sister-in-law. Your photographical work seems would be so exciting, I loved what you did. Thank you dear Rosemary, angels, muses and sun be with you always, with my love, nia

  3. Oh, thanks Nia, I love your description of the ‘apartment and the curtains’. I love to see what other people see when looking at a piece of work. love r.rose

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