Number 14

What can one do with a piece of clear cellophane?

What can one do with a piece of clear cellophane?

I sat and pondered, asked it nicely.

“O.k. o.k.” I said as a shout rang out from cellophane.

“Cannot you see, I am clear and strong, yet, see how I flow

flow…. flow!”

“Ah yes” said I

Water of course, but flow you will not.

I have an idea, but please do not yell

In a garden you’ll go and fill up the well.

Where people can throw their coins to you

With their wishes and hopes that they all come true.

It mostly happened that way: Number 14 became the Wishing Well’.  I ran the scrap, shaped like an ‘L’, all over the place until I realised for a well one needs a bucket, a bucket needs something to hang from so the ribbon joined the party. The other end of the ribbon needed to be attached to? – Yes, the ‘L’, so upside down it went. A garden, flowers, soil and grasses and a paper sun….then the little black wheely thingy? I just got through saying how I love them but on this occasion he just rolled all over the place and couldn’t make up his mind then neither could I, so help please…the pics show little black wheely thingy in lots of positions, need help to settle…which place is best?

Not much to say about this one technically. I coloured the background with watercolour pencils, washed them down then added some dry pencil on top for extra grasses. The way I work has it pros and cons. Working by process means I get into all types of trouble then have to get out of it. For instance, the cons: I bowled along with the water, bucket, grasses and flowers, deep in their existence, then realised I didn’t have anything for the well structure itself and I was out of materials except for tiny scraps scattered around the work area and on the floor (my pieces seem to love the floor).  The cons (which I just love), is the thinking a way out of it all, hence, the tiny pieces glued to a piece of paper and a dark texta grout and hey/ho – a brick well. That is the type of challenge I love when working by process. Mind you it does mean quite a few failures.

Number 15:

Number 15 scraps

  • 1 x Brown paper wrapping with red dots
  • 1 x scrap of frottage on rice paper
  • 1 x piece of non-slip plastic (for under rugs) painted black/grey (that came from a play day with anything I could find)
  • 1 x silver hologram type card
  • 1 x dark green me-teinte pastel paper
  • 1 x piece of card treated with just about everything I think, paint, charcoal then rubbed to a mid-shine.
  • 1 x Black something or someone shape in indian paper.

I must admit, I am hooked now, what will come next. The lovely thing of this challenge is that it is purely for fun so there is no stress on perfection, it is just ‘go with the flow’. I recommend it.

I call them 'flutterbies'

My moon flower


Lemon yellow washes in cool morning sun.

Variegated greens, dappled browns,

and patchwork ochres  fill the textured page.

Deeper hues bring branches into focus

One light apple green stroke unfurls and new leaf.

Sable hair dips into silver white to spin a silken web

from branch to branch

Finally, one drop of dew spills from the brush –

reflecting cerulean sky.

© randomrose 


5 thoughts on “Number 14

  1. Nice piece R. Rose! Hard to decide, however I like the little black wheelie thing as part of the well. I think it gives the well some weight and grounds it. Everywhere else it looks (only to me) like it serves no purpose. Your writing is beautiful. Odd, I used a piece of writing on my blog this morning as well. Minds on the same wave length across the miles. :o) enjoy your day. Look forward to tomorrow. :o) Donna

  2. Thanks Donna, I tend to agree, it just looks too – too – black anywhere else and I like your comment that it gives weight and grounds the well. Just been over your place, loved your piece of writing cheers. Love it when I pop in to your house and you have been writing r.rose

  3. Wonderful dear Rosemary, not easy to say which one, but probably the first one, part of the sun. I love your creative thinking and your imaginaries… and yes, your pieces and details… What a great ending at the end. I loved it. Thank you dear Rosemary, I am excited now for the next one, seems it would be so nice… with my love, nia

  4. Thank you dear girls. I am so glad you didn’t both say the same thing as I would have thought, why did I think it so difficult but the little black wheely thingy goes here and there, round and round…pardon the pun.

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