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I had a lovely hour in my day today. I went to my local library for ‘Story Telling’ by a fantastic storyteller by the name of Julie Perrin. She is everything a storyteller should be as far as I am concerned. She had little symbols and a small musical instrument that she tinkled on between stories. The stories were delightful, some traditional from around the world and some personal; didn’t matter which one, she brought magic to them all. I didn’t want it to end. Check out her website:  Tellingwords  –    I feel so happy to have experience that one hour. One never knows what magic happens each day, this was my little piece of magic.

 TITLE:  ASIAN INDULGENCE – why? Because of course it has a lovely Asian influence and – Indulgence?  Because I couldn’t help it, had to indulge myself with those little scrappy pieces – why? – who knows, don’t question a lot when creating…I just do and enjoy it. 

I love Asia (not that I have been to every part mind you). I was lucky enough to stay for some time when my daughter lived in Cambodia.  I would take my Grandgirls to school and I got to know and love the people there and I just loved visiting the market around the corner from our apartment. We have the most beautiful Cambodian family over there.  (We ended up visiting the whole family in the province and we keep in touch). I have been back visiting a few times. Vietnam is a different flavour altogether, then there is Thailand, Bali..but I am not here to ramble on and trust me I can ramble – at – any – random – moment…so…back to the challenge.

I do have a small problem. When Michael was here he wanted to choose some more papers, so he spread things out and began choosing (I added my scraps after an argument…I won), then he took photos, but in the packing up, bits seem to go missing?? When he took the photo there is a heart in it….where is the heart? Gone with the fairies I think…so I apologize for the missing piece.

Asian Indulgence

Michael has been to China etc. and I was amazed how he chose the colours, he must have a keen sense.

It all fell into place easily, I used a ‘super sharpie’ for the black edges, goes on quicker as it is a thicker felt tip, they are a bit smelly but good. The little black wheels I found a long time ago and really like them. As usual with things we like, can we ever find them again? usually no. Have no idea what I must have been doing to create that small piece with the wheels and red thread; whatever it was, it obviously didn’t want to be there. I realised when I was doing this piece that the top white is embossed handmade paper but the bottom white piece is from a chocolate box…honestly, the things I keep. The printed paper was a roll of wrapping paper. At one stage I cut it into ‘bookmark’ size and made bookmarks for gifts.

The bird stamp has a little funny story. I was very naughty. I was in a shop and a girl was showing how to do cards and she had the bird stamp on her table. She got up to get some more supplies and I picked up a tiny scrap on her table, stamped the bird and put it in my purse…I am sure she would not have minded at all…is that stealing? and why didn’t I just ask her? Do I have a black heart in there somewhere? I did have guilt feelings when I saw it again. Sorry young girl, sorry shop for not buying the stamp…but I only stamped one!

o.k. confession time over.

Number 14:

Number 14 scraps

  • 1 x piece of grey ribbon
  • 1 x square of rust and gold wrapping paper
  • 1 x square of handmade paper with fold embossing and thread
  • 1 x piece of clear cellophane
  • 1 x piece of fibre handmade paper
  • 1 x irregular scrap of painted watercolour paper
  • 1 x black wheely thingy.

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder……

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”    –   Maya Angelou

May your day be filled with joy

4 thoughts on “Number 13Number

  1. Wonderful one again… You did great. And I loved your story telling notes, what a beautiful day you had, I wishes to be there with you. I would have never been bored with you… You are amazing lady. Thank you dear Rosemary, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  2. I have visited the link know, storytelling Julie Perrin. She is so adorable and amazing lady. How I loved what she is doing… Thank you dear Rosemary, with my love, nia

  3. Oh how I love being red to or being told stories. So comforting. What a lovely afternoon you had. Your piece is amazing. The rabbit is my favorite .. of course it all fits together perfectly. One of my favorite quotes you have used today. Your angel is adorable. :o) Donna

  4. Thank you my dear friends. I am still thinking of the stories Julie told, lovely moments last such a long time. May your world be full of curiosity, that way we see beauty.

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