Number 12

This was such fun. It really told me early on what it wanted to be.  The large piece of green just hurried itself into a house, not an ordinary house thank heavens.

Once I got started I couldn’t stop, cut – cut – chop – chop – stick – stick. It was an easy title:  WELCOME

Technically it all went o.k. except for the glue. I used gel medium as a lot of these papers were quite tough. The glue, which until now, has never left a shiny surface. The reason this time, possibly is that the background used was a highlighter and I wonder if that reacted with the glue. You can see it clearly around the little elf. I did him in layers and it became messy.

I like the stiffer papers as I can get them to stand up. I don’t glue things flat, I just glue an area so I can get that 3D effect. The moon in this one is fly wire screen. I love it, I use it for heaps of things. I worried about the white puff paint on the green tissue glued card but it came in handy for the bird and flowers, gave the whole picture a lift.

As I said the background is highlighter. I often use them, they are bright and fun to use. Not sure how stable they are though and some pens etc. don’t react with them too well (nor glue by the looks of it).

Number 13:

Number 13 scraps








Oh dear, I have to confess, I didn’t throw away those little 5 second drawings…just couldn’t do it so, here they are. If I can’t throw them, they have to be used. I wonder when I get to do this piece will I be sorry they are not long gone in the bin?

The above address looks awfully long but well worth a look. The artist is Sandy Skoglund. She does installations, they are amazing.

The one with the trees and people, actually has chickens in the trees for the look of blossom. I love the fox installation, well, I love them all.

Another amazing artist is Emma Hack who is a ‘body artist’. I saw a program on her tonight. What she does with peoples bodies, paint and background is, well, WOW!

Thanks for taking the time to read my random ramblings…bye for now   randomrose 


6 thoughts on “Number 12

  1. Oh MY MY MY! This has to be my fave so far, although it would be hard to have a fave. I’m just in love with the magical shapes of everything including the house. And the little elf … he invited me in you know. Very hospitable. :o) Donna ps: I’m off to explore your artists links.

    • oooooo, I am so glad he spoke to you, did he complain about the glue? I did say I was sorry to him. Thank you for enjoying. I hope you are feeling better and creating some more of your friends, they are so beautiful.

  2. I loved your Welcome concept, dear Rosemary! So creative especially the ladder fascinated me. Thank you and once again Thank you for these beautiful artists, Sandy Skoglund and Emma Hack… How exciting all these sharing with us dear Rosemary, You know I am still learning and your every sharing is being so inspirational and a guide for me… Have a nice day, with my love, nia

  3. Thank you Nia so much for your lovely comments. The beauty of the internet is sharing and I get so inspired by your photography and your stories that when I have finished this challenge (and buy and new camera…ouch). I am going to try manipulating some photos. I don’t know if they will be good enough to go on the blog but, at the same time I think showing our ‘learning processes’ is also good, it is all part of creating. We all learn from each other and it is so nice having friends loving their art and craft. love happiness to you r.rose

    • I agree with you dear Rosemary, we are all becoming rich with each of us… Sharing and learning these are the key of my life. And life is so nice with you all… Thank you million times that you are being YOU there and sharing with us, with me… You fill my humble life with full of postivie things and with full of beautiful worlds… with your creative world. Everyday you bring me a new window that opens to a magical world. Blessing and happiness, with my love, nia

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