Number 11

A beautiful day today 31c. Michael (grandson) and I went for a train ride to the City, it was lovely wandering around by the Yarra and Fed Square.

Happy Holidays


Number 11 was obvious. I didn’t notice the ‘Merry Christmas’ when I tipped the pieces out as it came out upside down. It must have been meant to be so I didn’t put it back.

Not everyone celebrates the same way so I use it as ‘Happy Holidays’. I made the ‘sun’ out of two pieces representing sections of beliefs and cultures. I feel that ultimately, it doesn’t matter who or what we are or what we believe in we add up to a whole – humanity. As I was doing it I was wishing for peace and happiness throughout the world.

Poor little angel in the window has a halo but it kept getting squashed, I am sure she won’t mind though, it is squashed…not slipped.

Number 12 scraps

Number 12

1 x straw piece (I think it is for hat banding?)

1x green heavily painted handmade pulp paper

1 x photograph piece with a bird on it.

1 x piece of fly wire screen

1 x light green waffle paper

1 x light green handmade paper with gold design

1 x paste paper greens and browns

A lot of greens and browns in this one.  I do have scrap bags almost colour co-ordinated so when the come out they go together…almost.

Of course whilst I am using some of every piece I cannot use the whole of the pieces as some of them are just too big for the surface I am working on but I have been quite good in throwing the scraps of scraps out…sort of good anyways.

Oil choices


I love this shop at my shopping centre. Not only is the girl a lovely friendly and very helpful person but her shop is a delight. She has food from all around the world, beautiful spices and oils. This is a picture of the ‘oil wall’ . The photograph doesn’t really do it justice (I took it with my phone). The whole wall is backlit which illuminates the oils in their vessels, it looks so inviting. The shop is called ‘provincial gourmet’

I bought some spices for gift and they are from a company calling themselves ‘Screaming Seeds Spice Co.’ freshly roasted spice blends – flavours of Australia. What I like about them are their names.

  • Rainforest Season: which is coriander, garlic, peppercorn lemon myrtle and lemon peel, sea salt, onion, celery seed, thyme, corrigo pepper.
  • Moonlight Dreaming: Coriander, garlic, fenugreek, Murray River salt, onion, lemon tea tree, ajowan, fennel, mountain pepper, peppermint gum, black peppercorns.

The names sound so inviting.

Goodnight to you all, thanks for coming over to my place…Happiness is…creating.




5 thoughts on “Number 11

  1. I can’t get over how you cut all these tiny pieces! And then, to boot, they look like they have been die cut. Perfection. The upside down Merry Christmas is a hoot. What size surface are you working with. An ATC size? Great piece R. Rose. (I keep wanting to hum ‘rambling rose’). Melbourne has some beautiful parts to it … A very pretty city. Nice to get out. Also, I think Australia for being so geographical isolated has tremendously wonderful food available. This looks like a wonderful shop. There is definitely a ‘food culture’ there. I’m so sorry about your camera. I do hope it is fixable. I’m in love with mine .. we are connected at the hip. Thanks for a great post. :o) Donna

    • Thanks for your hello. I have been using scissors and craft knives for a long time, way before all these wonderful cutting machines and things came out; they all look so clever and amazing, one day I will get around to investigating them but for the moment I have far too much stuff in my house from the ‘old’ days 🙂

      The surface is 10.5 x 15cm (4.5 x 6 inches approx). It was the first piece I picked up when I started this challenge. I only had four pieces so I have cut watercolour paper up now to that size. I tend to forget I said I would make a book out of all these and get carried away with each one individually, so it will be a bit of a job to organize it into a book, but it will work somehow.

      Yes, I love Melbourne and Australia, especially these days, we are so multicultural that we get the best of everything, great food from around the world and cultures from everywhere as well, certainly beats the old ‘meat and three veg’ Australia from the 40’s 50′ and 60’s. Not proud of some of our history but love the country all the same.

      cheers and happy doings…r.rose (nearly called my blog rambling rose 🙂

      • Thanks for the info R. Rose. I think they will make a grand book. Can’t wait to see what you do.

        Every country has history they are not proud of. That’s what makes us ‘human’. Hopefully, we are all evolving for the higher good. Donna

  2. WOW! This is another amazing post… I visited these places on the Google, Thank you dear Rosemary, you are always bringing a new windows for me… It is like a train and I make a travel with all your new concept/scraps… What can I say, I am so happy with this lovely voyages… Your imaginaries and creative world always is so enjoyable and exciting. Thank you so much, with my love, nia

  3. Thanks Nia, Oh, I do love your words…”it is like a train and I make a travel…etc.”

    I just love that idea that we are all travelling around on a train of creativity to each others site (I like to imagine them as our houses), admiring, learning and just being delighted at what people do. You are very poetic.
    Thanks to you, a few people have popped over to ‘my house’ and left nice comments. They have recipe sites and other things so I have realised that chatting on site is not just about what I do…ie…art/craft but about all types of thing we all do and especially what others do, so I am trying to broaden my horizons. You are a good teacher. love, sunshine and angels to you r.rose

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