Number 10

Oops, I am running late tonight. My dear neighbour whose in her late eighties came for a bit of assistance. The washer in the hot water tap in her bathroom failed and her hot water kept running. She was upset as it was coming on evening and worried she wouldn’t sleep and she didn’t know where her water meter was. Between the two of us we managed to discover it hiding in her lovely garden, we turned the water off as it was too late to go shopping for a washer. She felt a lot better and we had a nice long chat but now I have a  million things to do, so, this will be a bit short tonight.

Number ten was quite easy to do. My dear cyber friend Donna gave me the lift I needed when I was feeling a bit shaky on whether I could keep upthe  creating each day. I relaxed a bit and once again the pieces began to tell me what to do, although, no poet words or stories are happening. A title came as I worked…Spirit Land

I guess it speaks for itself. I cannot say that I thought hard and long and looked for reasons, it just said ‘Spirit Land’ and that was all.

Spirit Land

Number 11:

Number 11 scraps

I won’t list them tonight as I have to rush off but one piece has ‘Merry Christmas’ on it…mmm….will that be obvious? Guess it has to be.



Happiness to you all, may your creative juices flow freely.

I came across this on my walk this morning


2 thoughts on “Number 10

  1. I LOVE this one. So much in it. The crane! Very symbolic and the little house has so much character. What a beautiful rose to greet you on your walk. Tomorrow’s pieces look interesting. This is turning into a great challenge to watch unfold. Have a great day (or tomorrow) in this case. :o) Donna

  2. I loved too dear Rosemary, what a great imaginary. Every time I learn and note something. And I say myself, nia you should find a concept for them, like Spirit land… 🙂 Yesterday I did something again but I didn’t like it again… but I am going to think and to imagine what to be next… I enjoy so much dear Rosemary, Thank you. Have a nice and enjoyable weekend, with my love, nia

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