Number 9

We are having a ‘real’Melbourne spring here at the moment.  One day it can be 32c then for a few days 15c very heavy rain, very cold nights. It is a time of never knowing what to wear. I have been out for the last two days for most the day and I have had to take a bit of everything. This morning for instance I started off to catch a bus and it was feeling quite warm, blue skies but by the time I was getting on the bus, the clouds came tumbling in and turned quite cold. People who do not come from Melbourne never understand why we always talk about the weather. We often have the four seasons in one day here. Does anyone else live in a climate like that?

Number nine

This one carried no words and it was a strange one to do. I studied the pieces far longer than any of the others and could get nothing from them. All I felt was they wanted to be pasted down as they were so I started to worry how it would end up but took their feeling and went with it. Once pasted down it was obvious to pick up the Zig and start…but what? In my usual way of working I just started mark making and that takes over, so, I began. Because some of the pulp paper was not sized in the making, the pen bled but I always say that gives it a personality of its own. It is hard to get used to these things, as in childhood that terrible memory of ‘Colour inside the lines please’ was the mantra from the adults. Bleeding can be a nuisance if you are doing something that warrants fine clean lines but for this little picture all is forgiven.

When it was finished, another coffee, a relax and asked it politely for some words but the only thing I heard was ‘Northside of the Forest’ – so be it. I am not disappointed as I thought it would be nice for who ever looks at it might make their own story about it. If anyone does, I would love to hear what it is.

Northside of the Forest

Am I pleased with it?……mmmm….kind of. I feel one could make strange and exciting discoveries at any turn in this forest with its silver moon, bright pink plants and ethereal floating flowers. On the technical side I feel it a bit messy, and yes, the bleeding does bother me slightly. Just being picky I guess

Number 10

Number 10 scraps

 1 x obscure picture from a magazine

1 x orange handmade indian paper

2 x fragments of a photograph

1 x small square of brown multi-coloured paper

1 x small scrap handmade pulp paper

1 x another small scrap of handmade pulp paper

1 x piece of gold paper

I am beginning to feel nervous. Can I keep creating something? I said for a month and at the moment (only 10 into the 30) I wonder, but then it wouldn’t be a challenge would it.

I was at a shopping centre today and took these photos of a couple of the sculptures there. I just love them, it is so nice to wander around and come across a piece of art that stops you in your tracks.


5 thoughts on “Number 9

  1. Well, here’s to the weather in Melbourne! I’ve experienced some of it, but then in Canada, the same thing can happen. I like “North Side of the Forest”. I think it holds a certain mystery which is always charming. Love the silver moon. The Fish sculpture is my fave .. made me laugh. You can do this! The pieces speak to you .. so simply carry on. I’m hooked on the process now, so don’t get shaky on us now. :o) Enjoy your day Miss R. Rose. :o) Donna

    • Thanks Donna for your kind words of encouragement, it certainly helped I approached the next one witha confidence that I felt was leaving me. Yep, I was getting shaky, weaky me. :)).

  2. In Istanbul the weather same dear Rosemary, you can’t know what to wear… I told in somewhere else, the day before it was snowing (the first snow of this year) and then the next day it was like an early summer day… Of course everybody catch cold then… Dear Rosemary, this is so beautiful, I loved how you arranged this composition… pink standing amazingly… Another inspirational one for me… Thank you, andgels, sun and muses be with you always… with my love, nia

  3. Thanks Nia, Can’t wait to see yours although your work is just fantastic, not just your photography, writing but your knitting and decorating, you are the inspiration. Have you checked out Donnaditit’s colourful studio? Oh, to have a space like that.

    Love and peace to you Randomrose

    • I have visited her stuido, amazing… so nice and colourful, I loved so much. She is so creative too. I will visit again and leave a comment for her too. Thank you dear Rosemary, you are so nice lady, with my love, nia

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