Number 8

He danced in a dream when the moon rose green

Yellow clouds sang a soft mel-o-dee.

The Palace of Dreams flowed through the seams

of his soul as he dreamed of the dance

At the circus of chance.

The Dreamer

Thank heavens this little fellow wanted to be minimalist as I felt number seven was a bit heavy and full. It was enjoyable just to work lightly so to speak. I had it firm in my head that the green cone was going to be another ice-cream(like its predecessors had been) so I was surprised when moving the pieces over to my little table, ice-cream cone obviously wanted to be a hat as it sat comfortable on the red/brown piece of me-teinte paper.

I literally drew the little fellow without thinking and as I drew in the eyes I knew he had to have them closed, he was dreaming (The Dreamer was born) I also picked up the green immediately to make the moon, it just had to be green. etc. etc. it went on. I am not sure if the words were making the picture or if the picture were making the words. I have discovered that taking up a challenge of anything one learns more than one can imagine. I learnt so much with the sketchbook challenge, artists cards and now this.

The last three pieces have been a nice experience in that words have been forming with them.

Number 9

Number 9 scraps


  • 1 x small bright pink crepe paper
  • 1 x handmade pulp paper double layers (green/pink)
  • 1 x white unrushi? maybe
  • 1 x strip silver hologram
  • 1 x white handmade pulp paper
  • 1 x brown handmade paper
  • 1 x white handmade plant fibre paper with gold splashes

Kurt Schwitters a great collage artist among many other things. Thought you might like a look at some of his work. This blog is quite comprehensive … enjoy



3 thoughts on “Number 8

  1. Oh My! Isn’t he just the ticket. I do adore it when words and images come together – somehow I always think that’s how it should be, they belong together. Thank you for your comments on my ‘other’. Your words are so comforting and ones which I know and understand. You have found my shadow, the darkness from within. I find it very healing to write, and grieve. Your words carry the wisdom of the ages and I do recognize their truth. Sometimes I just have to ‘dump’. You, my dear, are one lovely lady. :o) Can’t wait to see what the little pile of scraps yields this time. Another grand surprise. Donna

    • He is a cutey isn’t he. I am wondering though if I have enough creativity in me to keep this going for a month. It will be a test for me and I am learning all types of things as I go along.

      I agree with you, sometimes we do need to dump…dumping is good for the soul. When I am frustrated with something or whatever I write pages and pages and pages and then think I might burn them but I have to laugh; sometimes the pages are so hot they should burn themselves 🙂

  2. Dear Rosemary, this is another creative one, I loved it. I did something this morning another one. But it doesn’t seem like yours… 🙂 Not a good student I am! Dear Rosemary, the link and this artist, Kurt Schwitters are amazing. I loved his collages… And also the office desing too. Unbelievable… I haven’t met before. Thank you so much… As I told you this subject is very new for me and everyday I learn something… How I love your creative world… Have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

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