Number 7

From nowhere she came

To the house in the frame

To dwell in the scene

Her name was Dauphine.

From nowhere she came

To the house in the frame

Overgrown with vines

Throughout secret times

In the flush of the green

She lived as the Queen.

With her tresses of flame

From nowhere she came

To dwell in the scene

Her name was Dauphine


The words came as I moved the pieces around. I felt the mystery, something ancient, surreal, overgrown. I thought it strange that the framed picture actually fell out and wanted to stay and it became the central piece. For those that don’t perhaps visualize as I do or have a giant imagination I just kept seeing her there. For awhile I thought there was a further story to her but the more I thought about her the more I realised she wants to stay almost forgotten, just a whisper of her existence…so be it.

On the technical side I feel it is a bit overdone but the words compensate. When I am gluing heavy object I use Matisse Professional artists acrylic medium – Gel Medium. I have used it for years and in fact have fastened things (wood, metal, Fimo) and have them outside in the weather and they have never come apart. I use a toothpick as you can get a ‘blob’ or roll the toothpick and get a nice even section, for larger pieces I use brushes or spatulas. For paper I use a glue stick as it never buckles the paper, I have found it works well on light fabric as well. I have craft knives, about eight pairs of scissors, very small, very pointy, very large, etc. The other thing I have found brilliant when I am scoring paper or puncturing it with an awl is my old mouse pad (the old ones that were soft before the wireless mouse came in). It never wears out, has that nice ‘bounce’ to it when scoring heavy watercolour paper and I rest it on my cutting board when I am using the awl so it pierces the paper and doesn’t make a hole in my kitchen table, desk or cupboard top (I work all over the place at any given time – I am not lucky enough to have a studio – the whole house it).

I did buy this little table the other day at a bargain shop and it is working out great for this project and I am sure I will get a lot of use out of it. I also bought some heavy clear plastic sheeting to put on it to keep it cleaner and to stop things slipping around on it, that too is working well and I can wipe it clean of glue etc.

Little table









Anyways, Number 8 – Strange little package this one was.

  • 1 x green/yellow/browny arch shaped paste paper
  • 1 x brown ink spattered watercolour paper
  • 1 x little green and white cone shape paper (I was trying to make ice-cream cones for a collage at some stage)
  • 1 x yellow to orange strip with a hump
  • 1 x very green piece of lokta?
  • 1 x multi coloured and splashed handmade paper
  • 1 x strip of  brick red/brown Canson me-teinte pastel paper (I love me-teinte paper  60% cotton, it is tough, beautiful and I use it for so many things. The colour range is fantastic.
  • 1 x strange little curly piece of paste paper.

Number eight

I belonged to Paper Makers of Victoria some time ago so I made a lot of handmade papers and I taught book arts at a Living and Learning Centre and we had a ‘paste paper’ making day. We all had an absolute ball and ended up with dozens and dozens and literally dozens of pieces of paste paper.


An artist I just love is Jon Carling, I follow him on facebook. Oh how I wish I had his mind.       check him out.                                                                                                                                                                                          Imagination forms mental pictures of things not present. 















5 thoughts on “Number 7

  1. Such a delight today. Dauphine is charming. Paper making … interesting. Have not made any for years. Used to make it out of junk mail. Not much junk mail in Mexico. Your new little table looks very functional and gives you a nice extra space to work. Looking forward to tomorrow — nice pieces in the mix. Enjoy your day. :o) Donna PS: What do you do with all your work when you are finished?

  2. Hi Donna, I made the paper out of junk mail as well. It was interesting with Papermakers as they were more into plant fibres which are brilliant but a lot of work. These scrap collages will be made somehow into a concertina book but like most of my things, their life becomes boring in boxes etc. I do have some small books in a gallery but I am more of a maker than a business person. What about your work, what do you do with it? How is it living in Mexico, will you be there forever? Mexico is such an interesting place and so colourful and inspirational. I only had a short visit there many years ago.

  3. Dear Rosemary, this is amazing… I loved your poem about Dauphine! What a creative work you did again. I loved also you little table… Ah, my house is very small and it has already been full of with my crazy things! My desk is busy… So today I worked in the kitchen… But this is a good idea to have a little table like yours… By the way, I forgot to say, I have a son and he is 29 years old. He is working in another city now. I miss him always… But he follows and watches me on my blog and we talk with him everyday… Thank you dear Rosemary, your articles are going so nicely, have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

    • Thanks Nia, I understand you miss your Son. I have three children 40years, 39years and 36years. My eldest daughter have lived in Holland for some years with my grandgirls and I miss them but we talk on skype every week. They are coming home to live in Sydney next year which is exciting.
      I do love my little table, when I am not creating on it I can put my laptop on it and then sit wherever I like. Sometimes I catch the early morning sun by the window which is lovely. Happiness to you love randomrose

      • This is so nice, to come home and to live in Sydney. My best wishes for them and for you too. Blessing and Happiness for you and for your family dear Rosemary, it seems there is a lovely weather today and I want to walk… See you later, with my love, nia

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