Number 5

Happy Halloween for those who celebrate it. We had a small party for my Grandson as he was going to be in America for Halloween and was going to a ‘real’ Halloween Party there, but of course with his broken arm the holiday was called off, so, we decorated on Saturday, ate blood vampire fingers (cocktail frankfurts with small bacon pieces for sharp fingernails and of course sauce for the blood) green jelly,purple jelly; ghost chocolates and eyeballs chocolates. He requested with great excitement that we go walking in the park in the dark looking for ghosts then come back and tell ghost stories by candle light, well we began, but he announced it was time to finish Halloween and these ghostie things, he just might not be able to go to sleep. Instead we read Madame Pamplemousse and finally went to bed smiling about his good day.

I haven’t had much time to think about number five but in between sword fights and other types of fun I came up with

Romantic music

snowflakes decorate the scene

Mid winter movies

I don’t say it is great but I managed to complete it. Did I stop little gremlin? No. Around the fir tree I went with a blue gel pen as I thought it didn’t stand out enough…grrr. Next time little gremlin, next time. I also wanted to write the little piece but should not have. I was wondering if I was being too negative about these little doings but decided no, just analyzing the work when it is done with a time limit and randomly chosen materials. I think in the long run it will teach me something…like getting rid of little gremlin.

Number 6 – Michael (Grandson) chose the pieces.

  • 1 x Sieved plant fibre paper (it has a look of tissue paper but a tougher texture
  •  1 x Bronze colour foil
  • 1 x fly wire netting stitched metal clips using very fine wire (this piece was left over from a book I did called “Construction” Throughout the book I used metal bits and pieces on black paper and silver pen shapes. I was fun to do.
  • 1 x lovely piece of handmade (bought) paper with embedded leaf and beautiful long threads (one long thread is exposed)
  • 4 x pieces of imitation gold leaf (not sure what it is really called some pieces are patterned, it is very very fine and disintegrates easily.
  • 1 x Bronze painted brown paper
  • 1 x handmade white paper with leaf embossing

I thought he did an excellent job of choosing. I was very relieved actually, I wondered it he was going to innocently make my life very difficult. I have no ideas at the moment but this time I must lock up little gremlin…

To end today’s chat I would like to tell you about the bus and the sparrow:

Waiting for my bus reading beautiful poetry (Emily Dickinson). Sparrow hopped by as I dived into my purse for my bus ticket. He is hoping I am going to retrieve a titbit for him. He circles me, his head cocked to one side as he follows my hand movement.

Sorry sparrow – no titbit today, but thank you for making me smile.

Happy creating everyone



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  1. I loved this mid winter movies… Seems so romantic. What a nice day you lived with your grandson. I can imagine… You are such a beautiful grandmother, Blessing for you all. And yes, your little sparrow made me smile too… You are amazing. Thank you dear Rosemary, Angels and Muses be with you always, with my love, nia

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