Number 4

Hi everyone, hope you are all happy creating in your own way and having heaps of fun, and for those that are creating for a living, I congratulate you. Creating seems to be something deep within us, if we don’t do it we feel starved so to be able to create and earn a living as well is the icing on the cake.

Number four was a nice change of colour. I am noticing quite a few things about myself in this challenge which I have never thought of before. Red, for one, bothers me but if it comes up again I will deal with it and the other thing was I noticed I was feeling uneasy with similar colours on the third; I felt like I was running out of ideas…what can I do with another bird?

This one was the earthy colours, they gave me the message of strength, mystery and meaning. It wasn’t too long before I saw ‘Totem’ forming. I was quite eager to use the fringed hessian piece as a whole but it just wasn’t cooperating, the threads were almost yelling to be pulled apart to have their own identity, so I obliged and they proved to me, to listen carefully, as they do look much better as individuals, knotted strong around the piece of Indian thread paper, which, being only a thin piece is glad of hessian’s strength.

It seemed natural that the long black piece held the key to the totem. I struggled with the lacy white and it wasn’t in a hurry to help me decide what to do with it;  it just sat on my table looking delicate, certainly not ‘totem like’ but again hessian thread came to the rescue. Out with a needle and a quick thread through little miss lacy and she became the (what I like to think) white light surrounding the totem, soft but not so delicate. I wanted to keep the tradition of the roundness of the moon/sun that I have put in the others, so the ‘too many tea leaves handmade paper‘ rounded itself nicely into the circle, the tiny tiny piece of felt wanted to join it then they all wanted a show so on went a little of the black and a dot of gel white, they all seemed happy.

Jigsaw, I think, became the reason for the totem. He was subtle, sitting quietly with his whiteness knowing he was important. He kept drawing my attention to his shape and strength. I wrote ‘TOTEM’ and gave him eyes to to see the world around him,but left him till last to see where he wanted to be, he would let me know.

There were a few little scraps scattered around the table looking left out so half moon shapes, a couple of feather shapes and everything looked right…then…me again. Went off to make a coffee, came back and like the dots in bluejay I picked up a brown zig pen and off I went around the border? Honestly, I am beginning to believe I possess a little gremlin that giggles his way on that last bit that I don’t know i really want there. Maybe in number five I will catch him before he gets me started.

If anyone would like some scraps, email me your address as I am happy to share and would love to see what becomes of them.

Number 5 – Not sure when I will finish this one, my Grandson is coming for a sleepover Saturday and Sunday so excuse me if I go missing, maybe he will help me.

  • 1 x piece of film strip tissue paper
  • 1 x handmade card from an old book
  • 1 x embedded leaf on handmade paper with leaf missing
  • 1 x small piece of white handmade paper with…yikes a birdshape (just noticed that)
  • 1 x piece of non-descript blue card
  • 1 x very small piece of Japanese silk paper I think it is
  • 1 x cellophane piece with silver snowflakes…oh yum
  • 1 x piece of handmade paper with a little Christmas tree cut from it – wonder what I did with that little fellow
Be creative every day 

2 thoughts on “Number 4

  1. Thank you dear Rosemary, I all note your posts, and they are so nicely written. I am busy still in my mind, I hope it would be nice when I start to make mine. Everyday I add something to my idea… especially by reading and by learning from you. You are so creative. And I know, what you mean to be creative in our life… It is so enjoyable and also great touches for our soul… Without creating anything how it would be our life… Some of us creative in her/his kitchen, some of us about his/her business… there are million ways to be creative… But they all make us happy… And now I am excited so much with my new project. Million Thanks for sharing with us dear Rosemary, you have been teaching a new thing to me in my humble world. The colours are always so impressive in my creative world. Colours by themselves being so inspirational for me. But I know, there is always special colours for us… Everything in art to find the harmony, in my opinion… Even in creating an absurd things too… I am so glad to hear your grandson will be with you, I wish you both to have a nice and enjoyable times together, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

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