Number. 3

Ooooo, this is getting scary and this is only number three. I sat with the scraps and asked them politely to talk to me…nothing…please, I pleaded…nothing. Second coffee and the largest blue piece called for a square with a roof, I took the dive and began to cut a solid square with a roof shape, not right. Almost with shaky hands I cut the middle out and I am sure I heard Bluejay applaud. A birdhouse came into being. I do not like cages for birds, well not wild birds and definitely not bluejays but a swing would be nice (I think bluejay suggested that quietly).

I slid the photo of the flowers behind him, on top of him, under him, too big. Attacked them with the scissors and as they fell, they landed down the bottom of the picture and I saw they just wanted to grow in that beautiful silver/green marbled garden. I borrowed bluejays leaves that he had been sitting on and moved them to the garden for foliage. The delicious plant fibre with the gold splashes made a perfect background for bluejay and his swing. So far so good I thought. The roundness of the sun or moon represents the circle of life to me so I felt I needed to include it again so mauve, blue and then that red. I do have trouble with red. I have just discovered that is bothers me. I just didn’t know what to do with it’ still don’t particularly like it but this challenge is about using everything, not fussing toooo much, and, getting one a day done means getting on with it. I was out all day today so this morning I got up a little earlier to begin (I never thought of my busy life when I put this on myself but then that is the beauty of a ‘challenge’ isn’t it). Sorry, I digress.

Can”t just have one red, it looked unbalanced so begrudgingly I put two more little pieces around…mmm (still don’t feel happy…sorry red). I thought I had finished with the scraps when I saw the purple paste paper with print but it quickly became a decoration for the swing and something to hang it up with otherwise it would have just been floating in midair.

Finished and had to run out the door, just made it to the bus. Came back and took a further look tonight before I scanned it in and felt there was too much of a blank space near the flowers. I should not have looked at it as that is one of the dangers of ‘overworking’ something. I picked up a purple gel pen and began dotting here and dotting there, then I became possessed and dotted everywhere. I am disappointed I touched it but, that is what we do sometimes.

Whilst I was sitting on the bus I was thinking of bluejay and hoped he like his swing, especially as it was not a cage. Then the little haiku came to me. I am not saying it is a great haiku but again, this project is not a professional happening, it is just fun…whew number three finished.

Number four. I went to another scrap bag as similar colours seem to be scurrying out and I wondered if another bird was in there as well. I think we need a change…so…yikes, am I mad? I chose at random with too much looking. I wonder?…

  • Number three consist of – strip of indian paper with a subtle weave in it
  • Brown paste paper (when it was wet I just folded it in half then pulled it apart which has given it an interesting pattern and texture. I must have been triangle obsessed at some stage because this is yet another piece with a triangle shape cut out.
  • A very small frail piece of plant fibre paper with tea leaves added to it. Too many I am afraid which made it fragile.
  • A teeny tiny pice of Indian fibre paper brown and little orange and beige fibres running through it.
  • Gosh, an even tinier piece of felt. I loved doing felting and have used it for covering books. Why I kept this tiny piece amazes me
  • A piece of hessian fringed
  • A beautiful piece of which blow paper. (when it is drawn from the vat you just sprinkle water on it to disperse some it it and you get a lovely holey look.
  • Last but not least a piece of jigsawl. I bought a jigsaw puzzle from the Op Shop and have used it often. The pieces are good to draw on, paint or stick materials or anything else you find to do with it.
Hop over to this site and check out the paperdolls, they are fantastic. Love the concept.
May the circle of life be your guide to happiness


2 thoughts on “Number. 3

  1. You’ve got me hooked on this challenge, Randomrose! The pieces you have picked for #4 remind me of a Vietnamese village, hmmm .. now you’ve got my imagination whirring! I’m so happy some one else talks to their painting (pieces) and they talk back. It happens to me all the time. Love the way the bluejay piece evolved .. free to be. Hope your day is full of light. :o) Donna

  2. Bluejay smiling on the bar
    colours, papers, and words
    they are all together
    Thank you dear Rosemary, how nice to read and to watch all these happenings in your creative world. Inspires me… Have a nice and enjoyable weekend, with my love, nia

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