Number 2

O.k. number two. I started this piece with the ‘redpaper as it was bothering me(I try to get the problem things out of the way first). It is too red, too shiny, I couldn’t see a beginning, middle or end for it. Finally I turned it over to the ‘silver‘ side and the scene began. Thanks to Nia’s suggestion about these pieces being a book I used the other side of No.1 which ultimately will become a concertina. The size of it is approx 10cm x 15cm (4in x 9in). I only seem to have four of the same pieces in my scraps so I will have to cheat and make othe pages.

The silver side of the red looked ‘moonlike‘ so I began with that. The sturdy gold foil was not that hard to cut and I felt it wanted to be a sun so an eclipse happened. Next came the yellow warbler. I felt like he wanted to be cut from his anchored background so I released him. The handmade onion paper became extra branches for him to land on, the other handmade paper became leaves for a contrast to his green ones and more silver dotted the tree branches with blossoms.

More foil became leaves and it was nice to draw the veins in with a small awl. They felt right at home down the bottom on the left hand side  and a few little circles cut from the left over foil made nice centres for flowers over on the right and that was when I saw a reason to use a little of the ‘red’. It was terrible to cut a circle out as it is flimsy and slippery but managed two petal surrounds around the foil circles, lovely little spring flowers, their stems are of handmade paper then came the last piece of scrap; the paste paper. They quickly chirped their way into birds, one to keep warbler company,(he refused to stick all the way down so he is very perky with his head raised from the paper; one flew straight on the foil leaves, one very proud fellow stood tall in the middle and finally little Miss cheeky was happy smelling the spring flowers. A few strokes of brown ‘zig’ permanent pen for grass, more twigs on branches and little seed pods scattering around and ‘Spring Warbler’ was born.

The hardest part of anything I find is the beginning, next time I will not start with the problem piece, I will let it sit till it is ready, can’t force these little critters.

I scanned the picture into the computer and the weirdest thing happened, the colour came out completely different but it is amazing what a different feel it gives it:  It is funny how I put the sun and the moon together as an eclipse and I have two pieces, one sunny and one blue moon…mmm, a little magic at work.

So, No. 3 what will you become?

  • A piece of wrapping paper blue on one side and brown paper on the other
  • A Bluejay, another bird which I was surprised to see.
  • A small piece of transparent fibre paper with gold acrylic paint splashes.
  • Red painted watercolour paper (heavy coldpressed by the look of it)
  • A photo of a garden in Holland taken a looong time ago and cut into an oval shape with shapey scissors.
  • A very small piece of mauve handmade paper
  • A yummy piece of watercolour paper marbled and cut with shapey scissors (I remember using most of this in an under water collage.
  • and finally the last dregs of the purple paste paper with printed text.

I have had some new and very interesting visitors to my site and I would like to share them around. I will get them into my blogroll as soon as I can:

These are just a few, pop over and see them. Some have the yummiest recipes from different parts of the world, others are just as talented in the arts, music etc.

Happiness to everyone, may your days be filled with wonder and love.


2 thoughts on “Number 2

  1. That was quick! I couldn’t resist popping back to see what happened. Obviously a theme is developing for your book. It’s going to be exquisite. Love your latest piece. :o) Donna

  2. This article series is going to be so nice and interesting. I have a special file now and I copy your articles. I have an idea in my mind when I got up this morning. And on my walking way I visited one of my stores for some papers, etc. This is so exciting and seems that would be so enjoyable too… If my first strap project will be done successfully I want to share with you too, dear Rosemary and also you know I want what I said in my e-mail. I just collect now the pieces and what I need for this first one. Thank you so much. You are so nice, Have a nice day and enjoyable weekend, with my love, nia

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