Scrap picture No.1

Sunshine, early morning (daylight saving) my beloved coffee and scraps in front of me. Oh to choose, help…finally a little of this and a little of that.When I say little, I mean little. If I keep finding tiny pieces I will be doing this for the rest of my life so I have put a limit of one month on myself. I accomplished this small picture this morning which is a ‘stand alone’ piece…as in…what do I do with it now? My dear friend Nia asked if I was going to make a book from my scraps, love her forever. doh! didn’t think of that; so that is the way I will go. How? not sure yet, will ponder on that question. Maybe this first one can be the cover.

So here is ‘You are Creating’.

You are Creating

  • Purple paste paper I made many years ago. I remember printing text on it to see how it reacted in the printer (it behaved admirably) but I never found a use for it.
  • Hand made  paper that I made, again many years ago and used it in handmade books. Just this teeny tiny piece was left but of course I couldn’t throw it away and now it is making the soil for the flowers to grow in.
  • An even tinier piece of beautiful Japanese tissue paper print (purple flowers sitting on the left hand side).
  • The last (I think) of a wrapping paper that I just adored and used a lot for covering books now lining the nest and bordering the left hand side of the page.
  • My little egg was sent to me by a dear girl in USA when I was involved in ‘artist cards’. She sent me a little package of goodies that I cherished, little egg, little egg, how I love thee.
  • A brown Zig pen anchored the nest and green and purple gel pens added more flowers.
  • All gluestick’d (love making up words) to a hand-made paper of which I made heaps of a long time ago with onion skins and recycled shredded computer paper. Just boil up the onion skins which colour the water and takes the ‘white’ away from the paper and the skins add a nice texture and interest.

I have decided to choose the next days scraps as I finish the current one. It took more time looking at the pieces this morning than choosing them which was a time waster when the day has to begin. This is tomorrows and now I am looking at them…yikes, what am I doing to myself? I will not be using the information about the Warbler (I don’t think) just thought I would put it up as they are beautiful little birds. We have a few species here in Australia.  Australian warblers occur in many different habitats throughout their distribution area including, mangroves, rainforests, eucalyptus forests and woodlands, shrub lands, and desert. They are hard to see as they are so little.


  •   Top: Sturdy gold foil
  • Handmade paper with leaf pieces cut and used elsewhere at some stage.
  • A small piece of yellow and green paste paper
  • A square of handmade plant paper
  • Picture of an American Yellow Warbler (another gift from a person doing artist cards – such kind people).
  • A little information on a cute little birdie.
  • The final piece and a bit of a concern is red foil wrapping paper with a hologram pattern. Will it fit anywhere?…mmmm.

Oops! why is my text getting smaller????


5 thoughts on “Scrap picture No.1

  1. WOW! How makes me excited your beautiful works… Thank you so much dear Rosemary, I can understand much more every time. Papers, pictures, pens, glows, etc. and your creative mind. Do you know what I am thinking now….. I want to try it, and I am so excited now! I should find a concept and then pictures, etc. I am not sure can I find everything as yours… But once I want to make. You are such a beautiful lady, that you shared with me. Just wait for my try! Angels and muses always be with you. With my love, nia

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  3. Rosemary. First of all, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your kind words. I don’t get over to see you often enough either, and your blog is such a delight! This new idea for scraps could be addictive. :o) I have often wondered WHY I save every little piece .. half the time they sit there for years with nothing to do and no where to go. I’m not a person who likes to work ‘small’, however, lately I have been exchanging some ATC’s and have found it very enjoyable. Making a book of your efforts is certainly a wonderful unique innovative idea … I personally am all for it!! Have fun with the pieces you have chosen for your next effort. I’ll pop in from time to time to satisfy my curiosity and see what terrific pieces of art you are making out of these little scraps of ‘nothing’. xxoo to you and to Australia. take care, Donna

  4. Beautiful! This looks fun! I always end up with lots of scrap paper after school projects, and they all go to trash after. Thanks Rosemary for sharing this! My scraps now have new fates other than going to trashland! =D

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