Zany doodles

Yes, well….where these people came from I am frightened to imagine. Tucked away somewhere inside they wait in line to get out …mmmm. This little lot below followed in time and line last night.

I have decided on a challenge and that is to take out one box of ‘scraps’ and wade my way through them making something from each piece. I wonder if I can. I am not good at my own challenges because something interesting comes along and I tend to wandle (saw this non-word on another site and stole it cos I like it) off over to that project and leave a trail behind me. We shall see. Who else does this? Surely for my own sanity I am not alone in the world of changing at the drop of a hat?

A couple of great sites I have been visiting lately seem to have it altogether.  Nia is a beautiful person in all ways and what she manages to do with her camera is just amazing. She is very creative with her work and her site is always fresh with new ways of manipulation and storylines.  Her love of photography will inspire anyone to pick up a camera and have a go. Nia is just talking about Emily Dickinson which is a coincidence as I am off to the library this afternoon to Pick up Emily’s poetry, she is a favourite of mine.  Also if you check out Nia’s site she is also mentioning James Peat’s photography. I checked him out and boy, has he got talent with his camera.

The other site I really like is  Donna is kind, generous bright and colourful and a damn good artist. Love her work and her ways.

Of course there are many many more I love to visit, I will mention more as time goes on. They are all on my blog roll but sometimes they effect me so much I just have to talk about them. hello to both beautiful ladies.

O.K. here are these quirky little people  from last night, finally out in this world. I took scraps with a triangle cut in them. It was going to be a concertina book at some stage and the other pieces were a part of a rusted iron gate that didn’t work.

If you are looking for something to play with, get out all those little cut-offs, cast-offs, crinkled and wrinkled pieces and see what you can do. I would love to see them.  Don’t think twice about what to do on them, just make a mark or glue pieces, splosh paint, scribble crayon and see where it all takes you.


One thought on “Zany doodles

  1. You are so nice lady dear Rosemary, Thank you for all your nice words. This is your beautiful heart dear Rosemary. I will visit Donna’s blog now, Thank you for this too. It is always so nice to meet with beautiful people. Your scraps are amazing, what a night! I wonder what will be all these small parts of your scrap pile, a book… I really wished to live near you, to learn more about your work. I am so glad to hear that Emily Dickinson is your favurite poet too. How nice… Have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

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