Work after baby book

Here in Melbourne today it is cold, bleak and Grand Final in Football. Not being a football fan I have had a lovely day, warm, cosy, too many coffees probably and starting on my next project. I decided to self publish a series of five little booklets of my random poetry and small writings.

I wonder who else has a misbehaving printer like mine. I am sure it is not me  🙂   I know that saying – ‘a good workman never blames his tools’… well I am sure I am doing everything that is required of me so why is it printing (a) back to front (b) upside down (c) missing pages? Word 2007 – book fold tool, how cool I thought. Has anyone watched the little video on how to make a book in Word or the video on how to bring the spacing in Word in line with Poetry? After hours and countless coffees I finally got a print out that was at least in the right order (yes, some of the mistakes were mine (I read somewhere on the net it is ‘National mistake day today’ so in keeping with that I kept flipping the paper the wrong way for duplex printing…doh!  It prints blank pages to set the right pages which confused me. Published books have blank pages, now I know why. Still not happy with the outcome but will keep trying. If anyone has actually succeeded  or if there is a  better, easier idea of making a little booklet with centre stitching I would love to hear from you.  If all else fails I will side bind it. I am not too happy with the text, trying to get it from 1.5 spacing in Word to look decent, comments would be most appreciated.  I also need to figure out how to do the illustrations and load them into the pages as well. All this is a huge task for me, a learning curve but it keeps the brain active.