Finally finished baby book

For awhile there I thought this book was going to go on forever. I always enjoy the process, that is more important than anything but there is always a point in any project where I feel it is going on a little too long and that is usually toward the end when the pieces are drawing into the whole and those little hiccups appear. I printed the poetry on good quality tracing paper but having already made the book some time ago I had a problem with fixing the tracing paper into the book. Using glue wrinkles the tracing paper and undoing the book was not an option. Luckily in my stash of bits and pieces I found some paper lace…but how to attach that to the tracing paper? More thinking and pondering and came up with ‘sewing’ it on with a long stitch on my sewing machine. I just sewed down the edge and left the rest to be glued to the watercolour pages. It worked perfectly. You can see the lace paper on a couple of the photos. I think the hardest thing was to decide how much to put on the pages not to overcrowd but no to sparse, finally comes the time when one has to say, enough is enough…so the book became completed.


One thought on “Finally finished baby book

  1. Oh, dear Rose, this is so lovely, I loved this baby book. Everything is beautifully thought and done, especially I loved how you arranged the pages, and a little page to open. I love these kind of creative things. Thank you for sharing with us too, I can almost feel how exciting to do this. With my love, nia

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