Been busy…

I have been busy doing a ‘unique’ baby book. When I say unique, it goes like this. A young girl commented she did not have a ‘baby book’. Her Sister does and others she knows but at the time of her birth there were complications so neither a baby book nor photos were taken. I decided to make one but of course it has to be fictional with a sprinkling of truth here and there.

I have decided to put poetry with the illustrations, busy busy busy but I am getting there. Here are some of the illustrations I have done. I scanned them into Picasa one at a time but I have found with Picasa the colour value is completely wrong, I was really cross as it took so long. Now I have scanned them in through paint so they are a ‘collage’ I guess, altogether as I couldn’t be bothered doing them one by one again…grrrr.  They are whimsical and I hope she likes the finished book. I have made the book from Arches watercolour paper and a nice plain indian paper covering, covered a ‘bird shape’ in the same paper and added a red heart with a purple background. Erin’s favourite colours are red and purple. I will put the illustrations into the book with photo corners. So far so good I think. Would like comments on the illustrations as I don’t normally do this type of illustration. Her favourite book was ‘Where the Wild thing are’. I have done a little illustration of that but it is only for personal use in the book, gulp, no copyright hiccups. (hee hee…not that true to form anyway)


6 thoughts on “Been busy…

    • Oh thank you Monica, coming from you means a lot, I admire your work so much. I am enjoying doing this, getting me out of my comfort zone a bit.

  1. Oh I love this idea. My youngest doesn’t have a baby book either – her sisters do – but time slipped away and I never did one for her. I love your illustrations! What a great gift for your daughter!

  2. Thank you Olivia, I have had such fun doing this. This is not for my daughter but my great niece but I am the same as you, I did baby books for my first two but the third missed out…maybe I had better start another one 🙂

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