Pipe people…continued…

This particular piece has given me a great deal of fun. I allowed it to be itself but as usual I tend to over work things and end up with a ‘where’s Wally Picture’ or  can’t see the woods for the trees, so to speak.

I decided to put the piece of poetry so that it overtakes the picture  because the pipe people are calling for help and telling the reader to look for them but I am not so sure it works. Any feedback is most welcome. The piece is in a landscape journal and unfortunately I can’t figure out how to scan and join the pages. Any clues on that would be appreciated as well. So you have to imagine an even flow to the entire piece.





One thought on “Pipe people…continued…

  1. This is very interesting and creative one. I just want to say I would like to keep watching this, what would be at the end. Thank you dear Rose, with my love, nia

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