The young doing their own thing

Whilst I was waiting at crowded, bustling Flinders Street Station on Saturday I was doing what I love best, people watching. We are all so different yet the same. Some rush everywhere whether they need to or not; others wander through life with an ease and calm.  I love the diverse nature of us and most of all I like to see the people that put (what I call) an edge to themselves. There were a group of young people outside the station that caught my eye, dressed in their individual choices yet fitting into a loose genre of artistic. I admire the thought and detail behind their outfits. I asked them if I could take their photo and could I put them on my blog and they were happy to agree and I found them a pleasure to talk to. I asked them if they gave themselves a ‘label’, some said Goth but many said they were just being themselves and do not like putting themselves into a category…so here they are and thank you all for talking to me and allowing photo.

Now to go with these lovely artistic people is the graffiti photos I took as I wandered around. We have great graffiti lane ways here in Melbourne. I am not a fan of ‘tagging’ they don’t show respect to other street artists. This work is of real.