Pipe people…continued

Well, what a strange and exciting little journey this is taking me on. I pondered upon the ‘pipe’ and its people not knowing where to go from that point so I slept on it. Next morning armed with coffee and the word  ‘lane-way’ bubbling around in my head but with no real substance to it, I picked up my pencil, made a mark which seemed to be in the right place and very quickly a window began to weave its way onto the page. Plenty of fun and work on that and a brick wall (or part of) followed. I have to control myself to have breaks as I go into that ‘zone’ that we all know about. If I am not careful I stay too long and then my eyes are falling out of my head and I feel I need a massage to all parts of my upper body. I took a lovely long walk in our beautiful Melbourne spring (almost) weather.

Another coffee some hours later, I sat assessing the page. I try to relax and not think too much about what to do but feel what ‘lane-way’ might mean. (does that make sense to anyone else?). What came next was a complete surprise…a mushroom! A mushroom? why? This is the part of my process I love the best, the surprises. As I brought out the mushroom I realised it was in the form of a poster. There were many posters etc. in the lane-ways I walked in, although none were mushrooms.

Next came a piece of writing that wants to be on the wall so I have just started that, this is the progress so far.

Pipe people so far




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