Pipe People

I believe everyone and everything has a story. This is the story of the ‘pipe people’.

As usual I was wandering around my beautiful Melbourne City when I decided to investigate the ‘not so pretty’ areas, lane-ways that service the comings and goings of goods to and from restaurants and other establishments.  They house the rubbish bins and keep their smells lingering long after the rubbish has been removed. Dirty broken windows behind their rusty bars too high up for me to see inside. Old brickwork still standing the test of time. I found these lane-ways partly depressing, partly fascinating. Pipes of all shapes and sizes and almost all of them dented, scraped,chipped and some even holed. For some reason these pipes called for their photo to be taken, their presence was strong…why? they are just pipes but the urge was great. Not being one to pass up an instinct I took their photos.

I started a new page in my journal and straight away ‘pipes’ sprang up. Pipes? why draw pipes? I resisted but the feeling would not go away and yet I couldn’t start, had no idea how, where, why. Finally I began although I had no idea where it was going to lead me. Almost immediately that I put pencil to paper they came, one after the other. It was a shock but at the same time I felt the same feeling as I did in the lane-way. They were calling me. I couldn’t see them in the lane-way, I couldn’t see them in the photos but they knew they could call out through my creativity.

How long have they been caught in the lanes? Where did they come from? Have they called others and not been heard or is there someone else that has seen them through creating?…questions questions.

Here are some of the photos of the pipes and here are the pipe people. Shall I go rescue them…but how? Maybe that will happen on these pages…who knows?…to be continued….

One thought on “Pipe People

  1. Dear Rose, this is very interesting. I read and watched the next one too, I think you are doing a great job with this, and I wonder how it would be going on… In every city we can find pipes and pipe people… This seemed to me a big story. Well done, Thank you, with my love, nia

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