Writings from random street talk

My friend and I decided when we are 85years old we will stage a robbery, a big one. If we get away with it we will live comfortably until the end…if we don’t, jail is not such a bad option, well maybe a little risky. We could be put in with you know who in the wheel chair or someone even scarier so the criteria there would be a cell on our own if you don’t mind.

We were discussing this at length as we walked into a dress shop. Beautiful clothes for the young. We love going into those fashion places to see what we could be wearing if we were a little/a lot younger. The lovely young sales girl,  so tall willowy was standing behind the counter looking so sad. We asked if was ok. ‘Yes’ she said, “I just feel sad and angry at the moment as my staff didn’t turn up this morning. No one let me know until 10am that they would not be here so I had to rush and have just opened” (it was 11am). We wished her well for the rest of the day and continued to look at the fashions; a little red number caught our eye but decided our various veins wouldn’t match the red and we are no longer sure where our waist is. As we perused we were still discussing lightly the robbery plans. Perhaps we could do it on a Harley but as my friend pointed out, we may not be able to reach the ground with our legs if we have to stop. That idea was fixed by deciding she put her left leg out and I will put my right leg out that should do the trick.

We didn’t realise we were being overheard by the sales girl until she said in an enquiring voice “Are you planning a robbery?” We explained our plans for when we are in our 80’s and to our surprise and delight she said “Can I be in on that, sounds good to me”. “Sure” my friend and I chorused.

The conversation between the three of us was hilarious. The young girl offered to drive the getaway bike (she had long, long legs). We thought we might need a little trailer on the back to carry the loot. On and on went the conversation until another customer entered the shop. We didn’t want to share our plans with anyone else so we made our goodbyes and for her to have a good day. Her face was bright and smiling and said, “Ladies, you have made my day, I feel so much better”.

We left that shop, not sorry we couldn’t fit into any of those cute little dresses; we left feeling light and happy. We had fun and made someone’s day brighter as well and that to me is living.

Ps. We still have those plans but instead of a Harley we are thinking of a Vespa.

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  1. Hi Rosie! You and your wonderful sketchbook live in Melbourne. No wonder you are so ‘good’ and have such a wonderful sense of humour! You are from OZ! I have people I really love in OZ. I’ve loved them for 43 years. A group of women who traveled in Europe together when we were young and foolish. (Now we are only foolish) … in the late 60s. We lived in a house in London together for a couple years and bonded! Stuck with each other for life. Haven’t been all together since 2005 when I journied to Melbourne for a 6 month reunion. they passed me around ’til they got sick of me and someone finally drove me to the airport and sent me back to Canada. ha ha Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving your lovely words on my pages. I’ve been poking ’round your blog … you are funny. :o) Donna

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