Finished sketchbook for arthouse co-op project 2012

I cannot believe it all came together albeit a few ‘oh no’s’ like stuffing up the cover. I have done dozens and dozens of books, how could I stuff up covering a book? Very easy, lost concentration and oops! Also my scanner is not picking up the correct colours, so what is blue is coming our red?

I chose Encyclopedia of… but as usual my imagination makes up its own mind. It was so much fun, learning and laughing at myself. 


6 thoughts on “Finished sketchbook for arthouse co-op project 2012

  1. WOW. Your 2012 sketchbook left me speechless. It should be published. Such a treasure. I can’t imagine the hours you spent creating this. Thank you for sharing. I haven’t begun mine yet! My mind has gone blank. :o) Donna

    • Thanks Donna for your kind comments. Blank mind is good, means you are resting it ready for a great bubbling idea to burst pit. Good luck. Keep me up to date with what comes forth

  2. Oh your finished already!!!! well done! I cannot wait to see it when it comes to Melbourne. The sketchbook project was one of my “up my sleeve” blog posts. Speaking of blogs yours is now added to my favourites tab… i really enjoy it and looking forward to reading more.
    cheers amelia

    • Thanks for adding me to your favourites. I visit you often, I love your work. I was surprised I finished the book. It just rolled on.

    • Thanks for your comment on the baby book, I had lots of fun with with. I was so surprised to finish my sketchbook. I mumbled to myself over it for a couple of weeks not knowing what to do then once I started it took me over and hey presto…projects don’t normally go that smoothly. Now I am trying to make a ‘printed’ booklet…grrrrr. LOL My printer won’t behave itself.

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