What colour is murder



Radiant red washes sunset into place, dusk completes the cooling down of summer heat. Blue/purple outlines Hotel Berais, Cafe Trent and the Old Dance Hall.

Translucent orange reflects sun’s last rays onto windowpanes and traces around white sills. They silhouette against blue/violet as it seeps night into cracks and crevices. The Old Dance Hall’s door in the alley is open as a rainbow of colours drift in toward music flowing in a fluid blue.

Brown and dirt grey run menacing shadows into the alley. Mixtures of muddy blacks wash down sun’s last rays without leaving room for stars; purple thickens the alleyway with threats. Except for the music, night silence overtakes like the lull before a storm.

Storm breaks in the shape of anger. Brown and dirt grey scuffle, silver flashes making sharp swift stabs drawing crimson red blood from one figure forcing it to the ground.

Music is stilled by a scream. Crimson red flows. The air is silent with suspicion. Old Dance Hall closes its door; disguising the guilty – murder is difficult to define.

Morning blue and sun yellow see their reflection in curtain drawn windows of the Old Dance Hall as they wash out the darkness of night. Blue/violet seeps shadows into cracks and crevices and runs down onto Old Dance Hall’s door, sun yellow highlights the rust locks keeping secrets inside

Dappled colours expose crimson red stains in the alley. A figure lay as a grotesque grey- What colour is murder?

Black clouds gather. Rain floods down in fluid silence. Dark figures carry mahogany coffin to soaked umber soil. As mahogany and umber meet, blue strokes music into an inky moan and mingles with rain. Together they flow over the gathering loosening their edges, giving them an uncertain look. The air is wet with suspicion.

Sun yellow briefly brushes over church spire creating a backdrop to the mournful scene. Blue/violet obscures unwelcomed figures in the church doorway. Sun yellow catches them briefly as a thin outline before black clouds and rain abstract their shape. With one flooding stroke, black disguises the guilty.

Umber buries the past and rounds itself into the future. White strikes a cross in remembrance. Loose edged figures shimmer back behind the rust locks; back with their secrets.

Life is a mosaic of colour and texture- but what colour is murder.©