I met a man yesterday

I met a man yesterday.

He was tall, green and walked with a sway,

His kaleidoscope coat made a stunning display.

With him was a woman, a child as well

The woman had ten earrings the child wore a bell

Behind them, an old lady, one hundred dogs she had

Their leads were all colours and in pyjamas, they were clad.

I was strolling in the same park as they.

As the man approached, I heard him say.

“Will you come with us? We need someone new.

The sun will be gone in an hour or two

It will fade like receding sand upon the beach.

The more hands we have, the quicker we’ll reach

The moon- as it needs to be in a particular spot

Before the clock reaches -the purple dot.”

I quickly agreed and held out my hand

Like magic, we flew to a different land.

All the land’s people had a kindly look

Some had pet snails others a chook.

Their bright orange hair hiding their chins.

Their faces all smiles, with knowing grins.

They all cheered when they saw the man,

the woman and child as well.

They ran to the old lady as one dog fell

Yelping then growling straight to the ground,

Sounding more like a troll than a pyjama clad hound.

A troll in pyjamas trying to grouch

But really he looked like an old man – slumped on a couch

Wait, he was an old man; what happened to the dog?

The old man was sleeping, on an old mossy log.

I thought I would wake up; it had to be a dream

But I wanted to stay, I liked the story, liked its theme

Of a green man who walks with a sway.

A woman with ten earrings.

A child with a bell.

An old lady with one hundred dogs

With leads of all colours and old men on logs.

I wanted to stay and reach for the moon

And help move it to its particular spot

Before the clock reached- the purple dot.