Sketchbook 2012

Oh! What to do, what to do. It is such a worry to look at those blank pages. I have chosen ‘The Encyclopedia of …’

So many possibilities, I confused myself.  Somewhere it says in the tips for the project at  is to have fun, try something different. Faces is something I have a mental block with, cannot do them, no hope at all, so, I decided to take a challenge and do the ‘encyclopedia of faces’.  I did intend this to be a serious attempt of learning to draw faces of the recognizable kind, normal people/ person faces with text befitting encyclopedic data. The first little sketch is to show how a face is drawn by circles and measurements…great start. I turned the page and made my first mark and as usual my mind took over and that was the end of all serious attempts at faces as we know them.

Faces from the mind will have to be the thing. I am looking forward to seeing where this all takes me and hopefully completing the faces with text of meaning, encyclopedia of…of…of…o.k. I am going to think some more on this…to be continued…




One thought on “Sketchbook 2012

  1. I like your faces! They have style- which is a wonderful thing!

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