Have digger…let’s dig!

I walked down the street slowly, the morning air was chilled with winter fingers. I collected the sights, sounds and smells of  with it quirky shops, interesting people, fresh Turkish bread.  It was such a pleasant walk I decided to visit it again in the evening as I was told it would be really alive when the moon rises.

I set out when the moon was up, knowing the restaurants would be serving their delicious wares and the musicians would be taking up their instruments. I turned the corner and this is what I saw…why, when, how, what the…..


2 thoughts on “Have digger…let’s dig!

    • Yes, apt title…well said…I was in Istanbul, Turkey. Only one week after visiting Gallipoli It certainly looked like a war zone and who ever the gremlins were they did it regularly and seemingly at random all around our area. They would secretly cart the rubble away (I never saw them come, never saw them leave but what they did leave was an impossible muddy mess. They did not repair any street whilst I was there.

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