Garage Sale

I helped a friend out on Saturday at her garage sale, what a great experience.

I have always had trouble going to garage sales. I feel as if I am imposing for some reason, I have tried many times, walk in, have a quick look around, feel very uncomfortable and walk out quickly; but being on the other side of the fence (so to speak)  changed me completely.

Even though the weather was against us all day we had quite a few people through. It was fascinating to chat to people and see what they were interested in. One young man is an abstract artist, doesn’t have a lot of money. My friend is an artist so there were stretchers, canvas and an easel etc. for sale. The young man was so happy when he struck a deal being able to purchase a job lot. Everyone was pleased to see a young artist able to afford his obvious passion. Another young man purchased three blocks of soap stone at a very reasonable price; he said he has always wanted to try sculpture with soap stone.

A lady was visiting from Tasmania. She and her niece decided to visit garage sales. She was so happy to be on holidays saying she was having a wonderful time, we all had many laughs and as she went out the door she turned and thanked us all for a fun time and a good laugh.

A Father came with his downs syndrome daughter. He was so caring. They shared time in choosing crafts for her to do, it was lovely to watch them.

One man wandered around for ages then finally settled on an ornamental brass door bell, I wondered if it was for him or someone else? A busy Mum of two energetic young boys whose passion for art and craft has to be sidelined whilst she is rearing two little humans, chose carefully, a few precious things to feed her creative side.

I realised that the people giving the garage sale of course want to sell off their wares but more than that, they feel so good to see people get pleasure out of their once loved belongings.

Next time I see a garage sale sign I will call in and say hi and really have a good look and see if there is anything there that will feed my passion for art, reading or something perhaps completely fancy free, just for fun.

One little gem was a small boy of maybe 4yrs old opened a little box and gasped, turned to his Grandpa and said “Grandpa I really really must have this key, I really need it”. Grandpa didn’t allow him to buy the key but I wonder what the little guy saw in the small silver key? I didn’t want to ask as it would spoil my imagination and maybe his as well…