Jungle Juice Bar

I just love our Melbourne City and often visit. We have so many restaurants and cafes, so much to see and experience. Today the rain came as we were wandering along Central Place which has many many little nooks to have a coffee and something to eat in. Being randomrose we randomly chose a place which turned out to be Jungle Juice Bar.  The whole 20sq metres of it. We happily squeezed ourselves to the back of the bar and cosily sat among an interesting eclectic group of people. Whilst it is a teeny tiny place, full of people, not once did we feel cramped. Along came Lyndon to take our order. Lyndon who is studying ceramics, Lyndon who was such a happy competent, accommodating waiter, promptly served us with water and the best looking menu I have ever seen. Original Golden Books rebound with the menu. I had ‘How the camel got its hump“, my friend Robyn got ‘Barbie‘, she wasn’t too happy about Barbie so we swapped. It was something about the atmosphere of the place that made the child within us rise up. We ordered a ‘Bagel Burger’ – home made beef pattie, bacon, cheese, relish, tomato, rocket and jungle mayo. I like the way the menu described everything in detail so you knew exactly what you were going to get.  The bagel was beautifully toasted and the contents were plentiful and just enough. I don’t like burgers that are so full, they are falling apart. They are just not appetizing.  The burger was very tasty indeed, don’t know what that jungle mayo is but give me more. The pattie was well cooked and also very tasty.

Another random choice was to try the Qishr coffe – Yemen ginger coffee with a double shot espresso, sugar and ginger.  A lovely blend of coffee with a decent size piece of fresh ginger to give good flavour. Warmed milk in a small jug measured to perfection. An excellent random choice.

We did not order the soup but the people next to us did and it is such a generous serve. The soup of the day, for today was Venetion Vegetable with sasla verde.

Jungle Juice Bar‘s staff are young ‘Indie’ style I guess, vibrant, friendly, funky (my work…I’m old), artistic.  Customers are of all ages and stages. The music(folk rock?), great food great ambiance all points to me saying go check out Jungle Juice Bar….I loved it. I also love their little icon of a pink giraffe with blue spots.  I don’t think they have a website (I couldn’t find it but ‘That’s Melbourne’ speaks of them.  Jungle Juice Bar, Central Place, Melbourne is  squeezed in between kinki gerlinki and Fokus.