We had a good time with the last family, going from relation to relation. I started to get a bit worried when we ended up in the Op Shop though. Thought we might have been sitting there forever, but our picture looks so beautiful on the box we were snapped up within the week, so, here we go again. Nice sturdy table right near the window, plenty of natural light coming in from the large window.

I am the piece that fits on the very corner of the roof. I don’t look like it because the terracotta tell tale is minute at the very tip of my elbow. I am mainly blue where the sky backdrops the roof and I have that curious mottle green that shows among the leaves when the sun is behind the trees in the late afternoon. They will never guess I am the completion of the roof. As usual I have been put over with the sky and tree pieces.

How lucky I am to be this piece. I would not like to be that bright red geranium. She is always the first to go in – no challenge whatsoever – or that blue louvre shutter piece with the smaller geranium – second piece to go in. They have threatened for years now to fall out of the box and get lost, as they are sick of being ‘so easy’.

Mind you – I don’t have it all good, the greens (more than the blues) are so smug – they pride themselves on causing frustration and anguish and they don’t regard me as ‘tree’ and the blues don’t regard me as ‘sky’. They try to make me an outcast. Jealous they are, jealous because they know they will all go in before me. I have not lost a bet with them yet. I have been last every time, and by the way things are going, this time will be no different.

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