Looking at the little gems of life

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I love its stillness, a calmness the other seasons do not have. This collage is of all the little gems of life that we pass in our busy lives and when we do look at them, often we dismiss the fallen leaves etc. as debris or mess but in true form of nature they have their own beauty.  I try to take the time to say hello to them as often as I can.


2 thoughts on “Looking at the little gems of life

  1. Hi Rose,

    I’m sorry my correspondence has been so neglectful. It all got too much for us at some stage.

    But I love this. I hope you will keep posting your blogs.

    We’re running another show at the Banyule Arts Festival this year, a writing anthology for people over 65.

    Keep in touch,


    • Hi Raili, Thanks for you comments. Please let me know the how, when, where etc. of your show,I don’t want to miss it.
      My correspondence has become very slack as well but I do have a beautiful little ribbon tied bundle of snail mail to remember your last show.

      Love your story about Rose on your blog.

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