Everyone knows how we women can multi-task. Is it a gift or a curse? A little of each I guess. One woman in Turkey was multi-tasking in a manner I have never seen before. She was an elderly sheep herder way out in the country side, miles from anywhere;  as she walked she crocheted. Plastic bag (modern times unfortunately) on her arm, wool around her neck and a beautiful piece of crochet on its way to completion. Every now and then she would herd  in the occasional stray, but never stopped her crochet.

What is that gift or curse we have been given…multi-tasking? I personally like it. I find I do many jobs at once and to others it looks just like a mess but ultimately all jobs come together and somehow…hey presto, it works. The curse for me is that my mind thinks in multi tasking mode at a rate of speed that I can’t seem to keep up with. No sooner than I have completed ten jobs than the mind has thought up another ten seemingly to be all done at the one time immediately. I would be interested in more multi-tasking stories.