A fun competition is the great art supply shop (Their site is under construction at the moment).

They hold a ‘palette’ competition. Cost is $20 for the wooden palette and the rest is up to you. What ever you wish. I sat with mine for days trying to think what I could do. It blew me away when I saw the other entries. People’s imagination is truly fantastic.

This was my entry for this years.

Koko Black have a ‘drawing’ competition every Easter. All ages, a children’s category was introduced last year. It is a lot of fun and if you win you get your art work on Easter boxes of their yummy yummy chocolates. Finalists are invited to the announcing of the winners and believe me nothing is spared. Chocolate heaven was served continually. This was my entry for last year. Have a look at their site under ‘Drawing Prize’, it shows last years finalists and winners.