Slowly slowly on this Blog

What a year this has been. For me, Autumn in Melbourne, Spring in The Hague, dry season in Bali and wet season in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, then back to Melbourne for the end of winter and beginning of spring. Next Year Middle East and USA.

The experience of travel is something I just love. Not five star hotels but standard hotels run by people who are willing to give you a strong flavour of their particular culture. Hotels that show humans and countries don’t always run smoothly and hotels that share a small piece of real life and its hiccups. My hotels are usually just that. Things don’t always go to plan, things don’t always work but the people are so friendly and do their very very best. One can learn so much, from what I call ‘ground level’ experiences.

Frangipani, known in Cambodia as champei, what a beautiful sound for a magnificent flower.


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