Owl’s domain

Nature is a never ending source of beauty
(Mixed media)

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2 thoughts on “Owl’s domain

  1. I love owls. A few years ago when I was in Ubud one time, I went for a walk in the Monkey Forest Rd after dark. There was a white convertible with the top down (parked in the MF Rd!) and a big white owl sitting on the back of the drivers seat. All the local boys standing around looking. Then a young Balinese man came and got into the car. The owl fluttered up and sat on his shoulder and they drove away. Something I will never forget.

    • Oh Wow! That is one of those precious moments…in the right place at the right time. What a sight that would have been…lucky lucky you. A girlfriend of mine painted owls for me. I have it in my bedroom, I will post it on my blog along with mine.
      Thanks for your kind comments on the house book.

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