The beginning: The Book of Nowhere

This is the beginning of my second art journal. I enjoy art journaling as it gives me a place to flow and the ability to be able to make my own books if I wish. This book is not handmade. It is a black hardcover sketch book that I bought from my favourite art shop. Random shapes are the foundation of my art. I begin by intuitively building upon abstract marks and shapes; gradually refining and arranging forms. This process can lead to surprising and varied results. My work is intricate and surreal, often taking on a natural organic theme.
My title is as ethereal as my work.

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Another of Professor Strebor’s discoveries

Professor Strebor has been with me for quite some time now. My first handmade book was on his reasearch in Dendrology and his investigations in the far North Forest.

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Cambodia memories

I had a lot to work with here. I manipulated some of my photos and used memorabilia I had gathered over there. Cambodia is a mixture of black and white…sadness, struggle, poverty at the same time, such a colourful thread runs through it with love, laughter and peace. My love of Cambodia is huge.

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Yellow Circus

I have torn some pages and on each one did ‘ink blots’ with acrylic ink to take the ‘white’ off, having no idea what I will do as usual.
I made my first mark with my blackUni pin and within a short time I felt a circus was coming.
Some weeks earlier I had been to see Cirque du Soleil but never realised it had made such a subconcious impression. I am sure that is where this came from.

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Tick tock checkers

My girlfriend gave me the piece of black and white check cotton. I pasted if on the far side of the book and made marks with my black uni pin pen on the other side and as usual it flowed. I don’t know why but it reminds me of the inners of a clock but of course there are many other elements included in my eclectic style.

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She is wise

Posted by PicasaThe picture on the left is a photo gone terribly wrong for a night shot but the pieces of light that did appear told me something had to be made of it. I already had the piece of hand dyed calico (I love calico) which matched beautifully.  The shapes of the light sent me on my way with this piece.