More poetry from Rosie


The masks we wear
us human creatures.
The masks we wear
to hide our features;
not features of the face
we play a role
we hide our soul.

Society demands perfection
so on with our mask;
the fear of detection
turns us to puppets.
By rules we’re bound
by fingers we’re wound.

We must never be found
To be diffr’nt … unique
Nor show our wings,
we must conform
to society’s strings.
Sever the strings?
Do we dare?
Nurture our wings
fly inside … listen … hear
the mask is worn
thru our very own fear.

Society demands
there must be rules
should we command
our own set of jewels?
Never be a puppet
they don’t have wings,
they can never fly
they only have strings.
Their soul is wooden
never to see
life’s colours
of a soul set free.

Society can demand – but
cannot take
our colours of life.
No rules can hold
the strength of a soul
that’s been set free.
Our fear is the lock
but we hold the key.

So use the key now
show your true self
spread unique wings
live life …without any strings.