Blog block

Mmmm…It is all very well to have a ‘blog’ but what does one do when one suffers from ‘blog block’? I have sat with the blank page ‘new posting’ for days now on and off, my fingers itching to get going but the brain just stops every attempt. I wanted to talk about our very warm weather here in Melbourne. We have this special affinity with weather. One day can be 42c then the next 18c we never quite know what to expect, therefore, we never get used to any one type. We have had three days of hot with another two or so to come (30’s) so we are all tired and moaning, too hot, too long, can’t sleep etc. (20’s overnight). Finally when the cool change comes, probably in the form of very cold we will enjoy it for two days then we will all moan again how cold it is and so on it goes. Quick fingers! Keep typing, don’t stop! You are going well, It is very early in the morning and the fingers are moving but the brain is still asleep so keep going quickly because when brain wakes up it will start. “Don’t write that, it is stupid…Remember what I told you the other day, all the blogs you have encountered are intelligent, full of wit and importance…Rosie’s Bits ‘n’ Pieces are just scattered nothings. Oh, how I hate that chatterbox, so while it is still foggy lets keep going!

Oh no! I desperately needed a coffee and the brain woke up and has started its chatter so I have posted some of my pics from one of my handmade books and I will come back when brain is sleepy again and chat some more. Over and out.